The Ronan Farrow Issue

Full disclosure: I don’t watch MSNBC often.  Furthermore, I’ve only seen the Ronan Farrow Daily twice (on Monday, its premiere, and today, Wednesday).  His first show was as bit strange; he was too hyper and enthusiastic.  But today, he seemed to be calming down a bit and warming up to his role.  He seems a little strange, but I think that’s just his personality – but he will eventually become a good host for MSNBC, I think.

And that gets to the real issue here: CNN’s 1pm timeslot.

Don’t get me wrong.  Wolf Blitzer is as fantastic anchor and he does CNN well with his knowledge and expertise.  However, that being said, adding two shows to his daily expectations was a little unnecessary.  He’s a hard man with no real visible personality; at 5pm, that’s fine.  People want harder political news at that point.  But at 1pm, that’s simply too soon for his hard manner.

I’m in favor of the 1pm hour coming out of Washington.  I love their studio and I love politics.  But why not try to match MSNBC with a young journo from CNN?  One of my new favorite political reporters would be Peter Hamby (who serves as CNN’s national political reporter).  On the night of the State of the Union, he and two political operatives had a “Hambycast” on, where he dissected the president’s speech and discussed other pertinent matters.  From that day forward, when he was on a show, I made sure I watched it.  (From Carol Costello’s Newsroom to the Situation Room to John King’s Inside Politics).

Why not give Peter the 1pm hour?  He’s young, charismatic, and enthusiastic.  He may not have the “star power” or the social “controversy” that Ronan Farrow has, but he is a younger version of perhaps Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper.

CNN really needs to counter other network’s talent.  By putting Wolf back to 5pm, they could alleviate a time slot for a younger political reporter who can combat Farrow.

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