Piers Morgan’s Role, Moving Forward

I’ve read numerous reports, stating that it is possible that Piers may stay on at CNN, just no longer at the 9m slot.  To be fair, I’m not a fan of Piers Morgan Live, and I think the show being canceled is great.  (Now there is a gap in the 9 and 10pm slot, since PMT and AC360 Later were both canceled recently).  However, I could see him becoming a CNN Special Correspondent or a CNN Entertainment Correspondent.  He does well at certain things (arguing namely, but also special events, such as the Queen’s Jubilee), and could still serve CNN well in some capacity.It’s a shame, but CNN and HLN both have moved to sensationalism and entertainment news, as opposed to hard news.  Getting Piers Morgan out of the weekday rotation is a good move.  (As long as CNN brings either another interview show [which I think is highly unlikely] or a news show to that timeslot).  However, what about the weekends?

Although he had poor ratings, he was a controversial issue and many people wrote and tweeted about him.  Why not give him a weekend show?  At Saturdays and Sundays, CNN runs documentaries (starting anywhere from 7 to 8pm, depending on the day).  Why not push their boring documentaries back an extra hour and give Piers a show in similar format to his recently canceled one?  Right after Don Lemon’s last hour of Newsroom, go straight to Piers Morgan’s show, and then from that, you can lead in to the documentaries and specials.

There is another option, too.  HLN!  They have nothing on their channel that is news or even entertainment after 1pm – it is all tape.  So if CNN doesn’t want any more of Morgan, there is always the possibility of moving Piers to HLN weekends.  Primetime weekend on HLN is a real possibility, I think, to help the network.

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