Piers Morgan Quits?

I admit, I am a bit skeptical with this.  I first read this on a few other blogs and I must question the likelihood of this, and if it is indeed true, what will happen as a result of this.

As most people know, Piers Morgan likes confrontation. So to imply he is leaving CNN because people don’t like him, or because he has so few viewers, is difficult for me to believe. As a person who follows him on Twitter, I know he likes calling people out and being controversial. Yet he will simply leave CNN? It is, of course, possible that he is leaving simply because Jeff Zucker intends to replace him. Or maybe he truly does want out.

Hypothetically, let’s say he is leaving. Who will fill his 9m slot? (And when will this happen?)

I have a few possible people for the time slot:
Kate Bolduan (To be fair, I don’t particularly want her at 9pm. Maybe later, like 10 or 11. But either way, I certainly think she is out of New Day.)

Bill Weir (I confess, I know next to nothing about him, other than CNN hired him late last year as Chief Innovation Correspondent and a primetime host, and other than filing a few reports for Erin Burnett Outfront, I’ve neither seen nor heard much from him.)

John Berman (I want him in primetime. Preferably in Anderson’s spot, with Cooper moving to 10pm, but 9pm will work too.)

Michael Smerconish (Another fellow I know basically nothing about; he was hired to do a Saturday morning show. However, in the press release, it said “Saturday initially” [not a direct quote but along the lines] – could that imply he will have a bigger role? Maybe they’ll give him the 9m weekday in Morgan’s spot.

Don Lemon (I’ve said previously he needs a new format. Maybe this will be a good time for his racial/political commentary.)

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