At This Hour… Atlanta Style?

Maybe CNN listened to the blog post I posted yesterday?  (Wishful thinking – but hey!).  As it turns out, John Berman and Michaela Pereira were both sent to Atlanta for the Thursday and Friday broadcast.  If you watch CNN a lot, you’ll be aware that during the weekdays anyway, CNN has all but abandoned the CNN Center in Atlanta.  Off the top of my head, four hours of CNN’s weekday shows come from Atlanta.  (Carol Costello’s two hour Newsroom block and then Brooke Baldwin’s two hour Newsroom block). So why then, you’re wondering, is the rising star of CNN, John Berman, sent to Atlanta, the news studio that is more or less being eliminated?  More hours come from New York and Washington, DC than from Atlanta.  Michaela Pereira tweeted they would only be there Thursday and Friday.  So it is possible I’m reading too much into this, but I don’t think so.

Could the producers really intend to move Berman and Pereira to Atlanta?  If so, that has massive impacts on their respective shows (Early Start and New Day).  And since CNN executives seem fond of John Berman (I mean, he sometimes anchors all day long, starting at Early Start, then doing At This Hour, and then AC360 [and he has filled in for The Lead, too]), I find it hard to believe they’ll relocate him for just one hour.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they took an hour away from Carol Costello and they ended up with a two hour block.

Their studio was much nicer at Atlanta.  (I think it was the studio used by Brooke Baldwin [which may also be the studio that Carol uses, I’m not sure.  I know she never uses the couch, which Brooke does, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the same studio and she just doesn’t utilize that part.])  Not only did they have a larger table to accommodate their guests, they had the coveted morning couch.

So would it be a good thing if At This Hour moved to Atlanta, permanently?  And the answer is simply yes.  They won’t send John and Michaela there for one hour.  If they go, they will get a larger time slot, and I think that is good news for CNN, all around.

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