The New Day / Morning Express Dilemma

Any one who has seen New Day and Morning Express knows there’s a problem.  The hosts of New Day are repulsed by each other.  Chris Cuomo quite visibly is contemptuous of Kate Bolduan, and Kate has an attitude with Chris.  Meanwhile, there’s Michaela Pereira, put in a very uncomfortable position when both anchors hate each other – and make no effort to conceal it when on live television.

And there is New Day’s quiet but desirable stepsister, Morning Express on HLN.  I’ve seen numerous people suggest a “fix” for CNN’s morning woes: either a) bring Robin Meade as a co-host for Chris Cuomo or b) bring Morning Express over to CNN in its current form.

Both of those will cause some problems.For example, Kate Bolduan (which, make no mistake, will be the one who is forced out of the New Day sinking ship by Cuomo) is a journalist.  She may not do the smoothest interviews, but she served CNN on Capitol Hill before she even co-anchored The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer in the early evening.  That’s the dilemma with bringing over Robin Meade.

First of all, she’s pretty.  That is, I suspect, one of her charms for the younger people who watch Morning Express.  She’s not exactly a journalist.  She gets easily flustered when something goes wrong, and frankly I couldn’t see her adequately handling breaking news  as it happened, if she were moved to New Day.  Plus… Who is to say Chris Cuomo will like hosting with her any more than he did with Kate?

The second issue with Meade doing New Day is she has no visible political background.  Whereas New Day covers plenty of political topics, Morning Express does not.  Robin doesn’t even really any political headlines on her show.

So that wouldn’t really make her the ideal co-host of New Day.

And then there’s the other elephant: moving the stepsister Morning Express onto CNN altogether.  It would be a mistake, however.  They would have the same viewers as they did on HLN; they would simply go from HLN to CNN.  The problem, however, would be with the CNN viewers.  The CNN viewers wouldn’t want it, or they would be watching it on HLN already.  (That being said, I have switched from New Day and moved to Morning Express, because the animosity and awkwardness between Chris and Kate is simply too much to watch).  Plus, while Morning Express just hits the headlines and moves on, New Day offers the headlines, along with a team of reporters, analysts, and pundits.  Morning Express does none of those things.

So, of course, nothing above fixes the problem.  What does?  I’m not sure, really.  Maybe scrapping New Day altogether.  Or maybe gutting all of the hosts and revamping New Day.  (I doubt Chris will be going anywhere, but who knows?).  Morning Express is, however, enjoyable.  I wish they would read a few political stories, but oh well.  The chemistry between Meade and Van Dilen and Westhoven (when she returns from maternity leave) is unmatched on any morning program I’ve seen to this day.


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