Legal View… or Newsroom?

Some of CNN’s shows have a real identity crisis going on.  Unfortunately, Legal View is one of those shows.  For example, any time Ashleigh is gone, a nobody-anchor fills in for her.  (Not a “nobody” as in an anchor know one knows; a nobody as in no anchor with legal background.)  To be fair, Ashleigh is not an attorney.  But she has long covered cases and does seem to have a fair grasp of how the American judicial system works.

There are a few people right off the top of my head who are qualified to fill in for her (due to their legal backgrounds) – Chris Cuomo, who is an attorney; Joe Johns (who was the Justice correspondent for awhile before being promoted), Pamela Brown (the current justice correspondent) or Jean Casarez, who is CNN’s legal correspondent. But when CNN uses people like Don Lemon, with no justice or law background, it really degrades the show and either turns it into another Newsroom or into a show with commentary about anything but the legal aspect of things.

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