New Day Weekend

Eventually, I’ll publish a Weekend schedule for CNN…  But before that point, I’d like to tackle a big issue on New Day’s weekend editions: CNN made a big deal about having two hosts and a news anchor.  From the weekend New Day’s inception, however, that’s simply not been the case.  I think it lacks continuity.  If CNN wants to have three people on New Day weekday, then weekend needs to fall suit.

I like Christi Paul on New Day Weekend. Victor Blackwell is a little iffy, but I don’t see CNN removing him anytime soon, especially since they’ve only been the official, permanent weekend team for probably two months or so now.  That being said, there’s still no reason CNN can’t add a news anchor, filling the role of Michael Pereira on the weekday editions.

There are a few regular faces on New Day Weekend, and Nick Valencia is among them.  He’s a young and energetic Atlanta-based reporter, so there’s no reason not to throw news anchor to his duties.  For the most part, he is showcased on the weekends, so it isn’t like he’d be pulled off his current duties just because he was the news anchor.  That’s not to say Christi and Victor don’t do an adequate job; I just think it would be much better if they had a three-people on-screen team, just like New Day Monday-Friday.


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