HLN Weekend Schedule

7-12 EST – Weekend Express with Lynn Berry and AJ Hammer

12 – 2 EST – Tape

2-4 EST – News Now with Christi Paul

4-8 EST – Tape

8-9 EST – On The Case: Saturday with Jean Casarez  *

Nighttime – Tape

Weekend Express will remain as-is in format.  Lynn Berry does a decent job, but I think it would be nice to throw in a co-host for some parts.  AJ Hammer is the entertainment anchor without a show, so give him Weekend Express.  Allow him to do some segments.  Similar to the “Your Money” segments on Morning Express… “Your Entertainment” or something for his segments.  Awkward name, so perhaps something else.  The point remains, though.

I hate tape, but it is something they’re fond of, so I know realistically it can’t be ridden of completely.  So the “tape” places are for the Upwave/Forensic Files/whatever else they may play throughout the weekend.

News Now with Christi Paul will be equated to the CNN Newsroom weekend editions.  Most of it is straight news, with occasional taped news packages by their correspondents.  I think this will work well.  I know Christi anchors New Day Weekend, so this shouldn’t have her working too much later (if at all).

On The Case was asterisked because while the other shows are on both Saturdays and Sundays, that one will be just on Saturdays, with the Upwave/Forensic Files shows filling its spot on Sundays.  Jean is a lawyer and a capable reporter, so I think this show could go well on Saturdays.  If there aren’t really any “legal/case” stories that week, it could be preempted in favor of tape.

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