HLN Daytime Schedule

6-11 EST – Morning Express with Robin Meade, Jennifer Westhoven, and Bob Van Dillen

11-12 EST – Your Money with Jennifer Westhoven

12-3 EST – On The Case with Vinnie Politan

3-5 EST –  News Now with Susan Hendricks

5-6 EST – News Now with Kyra Phillips

6-8 EST – Evening Express with Mike Galanos and Jane Velez-Mitchell

8-9 EST – Nancy Grace

9-10 EST – HLN After Dark with Mike Galanos

10-11 EST – Right This Minute

Just thought I’d explain each time slot a little.  Morning Express is self-explanatory; it does very well in its current time slot (and is much more enjoyable than sister CNN’s New Day).  Robin Meade can handle herself very well, and the same goes for weathercaster Van Dillen and finance anchor Westhoven.

The Your Money show, I think, could go over pretty well.  I know that is the name of the CNN weekend finance show, anchored by Christine Romans, but considering it is the name of the segment on Morning Express, it isn’t too big of a deal.  It could be renamed, if deemed necessary.  Anyway, Jennifer provides a quick read of the business stories on Morning Express (too quick, but that’s the morning show format).  So why not give her an additional hour of just business news?  She can bring in CNN talent, too.  CNN has plenty of business correspondents: Christine Romans (though I don’t see her appearing on the show), Zain Asher, Maribel Aber, Allison Kosik, etc.

On The Case will remain as it is currently.  Vinnie Politan will discuss the big legal stories of the day and offer analysis with the HLN “dream team”.  One thing I would like to see is more of a crossover from CNN.  Why not bring Legal View anchor Ashleigh Barfield on the screen to discuss, too?  She likes editorializing; give her the opportunity.  Now her show is at noon, so she couldn’t comment until after 1 EST, but that still gives her time to discuss the legal issues with HLN host Politan.

News Now will focus on a little less fluff.  Sometimes they have decent stories; other times, they do not.  Susan Hendricks seems like a good host for this show; she’s personable and kind, and I think she’ll do well enough.  Focus maybe one weather report each hour, and then just simply read the headlines.  Throw in some HLN/CNN correspondents on an as-needed basis, such as breaking news or developments in the headlines.

The second block of News Now with Kyra Phillips will contain even less fluff.  Hard news only.  No weather reports, no “feel good stories”.  Still reading the headlines, but a little less so than the previous block.  It will focus mainly filed stories from correspondents, but without pundits or anything that CNN Newsroom relies on.

Evening Express will be very similar to Morning Express.  It will be more “newsy” than conversational (mainly because Jane and Mike are more of a journalist than Robin), but it won’t tackle any hard issues.  It will focus legal issues as needed, so Jane can complain and rave about them.

Nancy Grace will continue, as is.

HLN After Dark will be the after-evening news, in a hard news format.

The Right This Minute show is a bit ridiculous, but I don’t see HLN getting rid of it any time soon, so for practical purposes, I added it in.

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