Don Lemon is a Problem

Increasingly, Don Lemon is becoming more of a social and political commentator than a news anchor.  If that’s an angle CNN wants to pursue with him, then that is fine by me.  But don’t lie or mislead the viewers.  Either give him his own show (branded show) or tell him to shut up and do his job as a news anchor.  Either works for me.

There’s two options they could do, if he were to become a social commentator host as opposed to a news anchor.  They could give him a weekday nighttime show (as I’m sure he’d love).  It could either start at 10pm EST or 11pm EST.  There is the other option: give him the same show but during the weeks, starting at 8pm EST.  (Which is normally when he signs off as the CNN Newsroom anchor and CNN goes to tape.)If you notice, though, at neither time does that take away from CNN’s normal coverage.  On the weekdays, CNN is repeating shows in the outlined time slots.  During the weekends, for example, at 8, they are usually playing tape, so again, not taking away from the news.  Either would be nice.  I think the weekdays would be ideal, and I’m sure it is something Don himself would certainly prefer.

The problem is becoming that he’s too opinionated.  Most hosts on other networks give their opinions.  But just don’t advertise them as a news anchor – advertise them as a host of a commentary show. If he wants to tackle issues of racism, great.  Just don’t call it Newsroom.

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