CNN Saturday Schedule


6-9 EST – New Day Weekend with Christi Paul, Victor Blackwell, and Nick Valencia -Atlanta

9-11 EST – Michael Smerconish – New York

11-12 EST – Your Money with Christine Romans – New York

12-1 EST – News Desk with Nick Valencia – Atlanta

1-2 EST – At This Hour with Rosa Flores – New York

2-4 EST – News Desk with Fredricka Whitfield – Atlanta

4-5 EST – Washington Today with Joe Johns – DC

5-5:30 EST – Sanjay Gupta, MD – Atlanta (?)

5:30-8 EST – Don Lemon Speaks with Don Lemon – New York

Nighttime – Tape

Allow me to begin with saying: I know.  A lot of changes, and some aren’t that likely to occur… But a guy can hope!

New Day Weekend will pretty much remain the same.  However, they will now have a news anchor, Nick Valencia.  Hopefully, they’ll actually put him on the screen, unlike New Day weekday, which pretty much leaves Michaela out of the picture except when absolutely necessary.  (Which is ridiculous.)

I don’t know much about Michael, but I know CNN hired him… And I don’t see them trimming CNN New Day’s time down, but who knows.

Your Money will be the same, too.  However, instead of only being a half an hour, and having another time slot, it will be reduced to one timeslot and have be an hour.

News Desk will be a new show for CNN.  I kind of modeled it off of the “I-Desk” on CNN International (which I’ve only seen a handful of time at odd places, since I don’t have CNNI).  It will, theoretically, use the IDesk’s desk, and basically read the headlines and show a few filed packages, as needed.  Nick seems like a good guy, maybe a rising star at CNN… so this will help him and the viewers both.

At This Hour w/ Rosa Flores will be the same as At This Hour with John Berman and Michaela Pereira, week-side.  Rosa will use the same studio as they do, and do the same type of stories.  I get the CNN Newsroom feel, but more conversational and less strict.

Washington Today w/ Joe Johns is one of the “long-shots” on the list, but I like the premise.  He was recently named Sr Washington Correspondent, and for the most part, all senior/chief correspondents at CNN have their own show.  (Examples: Jake is Chief Washington Correspondent and has “The Lead,” Dr. Gupta is Chief Medical Correspondent and has “SG MD,” etc.)  So why not showcase Joe Johns, who has been with CNN for a while, on Saturdays?  Let him hit the big points from the capital.  Have him use The Lead’s studio and dissect the big political stuff and talk with pundits.  I’d like to see Gloria Borger, but she’s usually either on CNN’s Wolf/Situation Room, weekday, so I doubt she’d work weekends, too.

Sanjay Gupta can stay as is.  I don’t watch it, (to be honest), but I know people seem to watch it.

Don Lemon doesn’t need a CNN Newsroom title anymore.  He’s too opinionated.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing; he has a very niched-audience, and that’s also fine.  But get rid of the “anchor of Newsroom” title.  Give him the host of Don Lemon Speaks (awful title, but it’s a working one!), and he can dissect the news and offer his own commentary and argue and do as he pleases.

And then… CNN can have their tape.  I hate it, but CNN loves it.

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