CNN Weekday Schedule

5-6 EST – Early Start with Christine Romans and Indra Petersons

6-10 EST – New Day with Chris Cuomo, Brooke Baldwin, and Michaela Pereira

10-11 EST – CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello

11-12 EST – At This Hour with Michaela Pereira

12-1 EST – Sciutto Reports

1-3 EST – Headlines with Erin Burnett

4-5 EST – Crossfire

5-6 EST – The Lead with Jake Tapper

6-7 EST  – The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

7-8 EST – Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield

8-9 EST – ? with John Berman

9-10 EST – Tonight with Kate Bolduan

10-11 EST – AC360 with Anderson Cooper

11-12 EST – Piers Morgan Tonight with Piers Morgan

I think Christine is a capable business reporter and anchor; she can handle Early Start with weather anchor Indra Petersons.  In the event of some major breaking news (which is altogether unlikely at 5am EST), they could always bring in the capable New Day team to either take over, or assist in, the coverage.

The New Day gave me some pause.  Personally, the entire ship is a mess.  I think John Berman and Michaela Pereira’s At This Hour was an audition to replace the New Day team. However, the only reason I didn’t operate under that assumption in my schedule is because I simply didn’t want that to happen. I want Berman in primetime.  So, anyway – Kate had to go.  Unfortunately, I would have been happy with Chris leaving, but they more or less have called this his show from the get-go, so that won’t happen.  My best bet is moving Kate. I replaced her with Brooke Baldwin.  She’s charismatic and a good newsperson, so I feel she could help the morning team along. I also expanded it an hour for the heck of it, really… And the fact that’s still ending at 7am on the west coast.

Newsroom w/ Carol would be the same, minus an hour.  She’s not that great of an anchor, so two hours for her is slightly ridiculous.

At This Hour will stay as is, except without Berman.  He should probably be replaced, but at the time, I can’t think of who he should be replaced by.

Sciutto Reports w/ Jim Sciutto will cover matters of national security.  He is, after all, the Chief National Security Correspondent, so I think this could be really interesting and a very unique show.  It’d be awesome if he’d report from all over the world, instead of the DC studio.

Headlines w/ Erin Burnett is essentially a branded version of CNN Newsroom (which I more or less got rid of).  She’s an alright anchor, but she’s awful to watch in early primetime.  Give her an afternoon show and let her relax a little bit.  She can still focus on similar stories, but Outfront has gotta go, and she does too from that timeslot.  After all, Outfront is similar to 360, so that being his lead-in was poor planning.

Crossfire needs a complete revamp.  I wouldn’t mind if it was canceled (again) but I don’t see that happening, frankly.  However, Van Jones and Newt Gingrich have to go.  (Stephanie Cutter is bad, but not awful.). They can stay on as political commentators for CNN if they are under contract, but otherwise, drop Van and Newt altogether.  SE Cupp is great.  Yes, she’s a conservative, but that is the point.  She and Sally Kohn did well together, and I think adding Jon Avlon into the mix could go over nicely.

The Lead and the Situation Room continue as normal, minus time slot alterations.

Legal View got a major promotion.  I think Ashleigh could be a good lead in for primetime.  As long as she actually sticks to the Legal View aspect of the show, this will go over well.  In her current slot, she does legal views at the beginning, and Newsroom stuff at the end.  That has to go.  Stick to just legal/justice cases, and it will go great.  Have reports from Jean Casarez, commentary from Mark O’Mara, Sunny Hostin, Danny Cevallos, etc.

I couldn’t think of even a working title, but John Berman needs the primetime slot.  He’s a great anchor and has a huge personality.  He may be able to truly help CNN.  Lately, he has pulled insane hours.  He anchors Early Start, At This Hour… and AC360.  In all of the roles, he does well.  So why not make that permanent and give him primetime?

Tonight w/ Kate Bolduan is basically Kate’s consolation prize for being booted off of New Day.  She’ll just basically recap on all of the news of the day and have live reports.  Whether or not this is from New York or whether she goes back to DC will be interesting.

AC360 will be the same, except airing at 10 instead of 8.

Piers Morgan will be the same, too.  (If CNN doesn’t cancel it, which I won’t object to.)





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