CNN Sunday Schedule


6-8:30 EST – New Day with Christi Paul, Victor Blackwell, and Nick Valencia – Atlanta

8:30-9 EST – Inside Politics with John King – DC

9-10 EST – State of the Union with Candy Crowley – DC

10-11 EST – Reliable Sources with Brian Shelter – New York

11-12 EST – News Desk with Victor Blackwell – Atlanta

12-1 EST – State of the Union, Repeat

1-2 EST – At This Hour with Rosa Flores – New York

2-4 EST – News Desk with Fredricka Whitfield – Atlanta

5-5:30 EST – Congress with Lisa Desjardins – DC

5:30-6 EST – News Desk with Fredricka Whitfield – Atlanta

6-8 EST – Don Lemon Speaks with Don Lemon – New York

Instead of breaking down each one as I did on the Saturday schedule, I’ll just comment on the ones that differ from Saturdays.  (And point out the shows I axed.)

Simply put, Fareed Zakaria GPS had to go.  I hated that show.  If CNN wants to keep it on CNN International, that’s fine by me… Just off of CNN/US.

News Desk w/ Victor Blackwell will be straight news.

Congress w/ Lisa Desjardins has some potential.  It really doesn’t have to be live.  (But I like live TV).  Lisa very rarely gets any CNN time, so this could be quite the leap… But hey.  She’s a Capitol Hill correspondent (which is an odd title, since Dana Bash is Chief Congressional Correspondent – so why isn’t Desjardins a Congressional Correspondent?).  Why not showcase her and give her a thirty minute, Sunday show, where she can go over Congressional issues?  Highlight the bills they’re debating, or something of that effect.  It can be pre-taped and preempted if news occurs.

The rest is the same as Saturday’s schedule I posted.



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