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For starters, CNN Commentary is a guide and overview of sites on the news and actualities, plus shares a brought view with opinions from the bloggers behind CNN Commentary. In addition, the blogs will offer thoughts on the state of CNN/HLN, and we post any pertinent news (someone new hired at the network, someone leaving the web, a new show, etc.). We are in no way affiliated with CNN and just an opinion blog with our view on CNN and the news updates.

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CNN made 24/7 news the norm! Cable news channel You don't get to see news until it has happened, but while it is happening. CNN set the standard in this forty years ago. NN leader in Europe among international news channels. The first Europe 2000 TV audience survey has confirmed CNN International's leading status among international news channels in Europe. The survey, conducted by the research firm Ipsos-RSL, found, among other things, that CNN's monthly reach with news among the highest-income European opinion leaders was 37.7 pc (BBC World 18.3 pc, CNBC 12.5 pc , Euronews 23 pc).

CNN comes with a streaming service

The American news channel CNN will offer a paid streaming service under the name CNN+ from next year. It broadcasts eight to twelve hours of live programs daily, and there are non-fiction series exclusively for the service. The programming on CNN+ will not be the same as that on the television channel, said Andrew Morse. He leads the streaming service as a chief digital officer. CNN says it is hiring hundreds of people and developing dozens of TV shows for the service, which should be available in the first quarter of 2022. What CNN+ will cost has not yet been announced. CNN+ will not be a streaming service for short news, but should offer more depth, says Morse. The live programs on the service are presented by well-known network leaders and new faces. In addition, there will be series on CNN+, both current CNN productions and new exclusive productions. Morse also states that subscribers to the service will have access to an 'interactive community' where members can have 'direct interaction' with presenters and experts. Exact details about the programming and community have not yet been disclosed. According to CNN, the news network can't just offer its live programming via streaming because it has lucrative long-term deals with TV distributors worldwide. CNN earns more than $1 billion annually. Initially, CNN+ will focus on video, but the company considers offering other forms through the subscription, such as long articles and podcasts. There will be no new app for CNN+. Instead, the streaming service will be available in the current CNN app after payment. CNN is owned by WarnerMedia. That company already has several streaming services, such as HBO Max.

CNN switched away from Trump, 'fear major consequences of what he says.'

Shifting away from President Trump's statement about the presidential election: It happened late last night on multiple US news channels at once. MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNBC, among others, stopped broadcasting a media appearance of Trump, who again claimed that the election results were being rigged. There is no proof whatsoever for that; the presenters therefore immediately came from the studio with disclaimers:

CNN fires three employees who came to the office unvaccinated

The American news channel CNN fired three employees last week because they came to the office unvaccinated. This is reported by Reuters news agency based on an internal memo. However, it is unclear which department the dismissed employees worked for and wherein the United States. In the memo, CNN chief Jeff Zucker said that the news organization has a zero-tolerance policy in such cases and that its employees had to be vaccinated to come to the office or work outside the office with other employees. “Everyone from the news and sports department and employees of the television studios who come to the office now and in the future must be vaccinated. We have been clear about that for months. There should be no confusion.” Employees of the station do not have to show proof of vaccination when entering the office; according to the company, it works with a system based on trust. Zucker says he is thinking about asking for a vaccination certificate as standard in the future. More American companies where employees are no longer allowed to enter the office if they are not vaccinated, such as Facebook and Google. The Washington Post newspaper requires everyone employed by the newspaper to be vaccinated.

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